Our Work

REALPOLITECH is a women-owned and led digital public relations agency based out of San Francisco, CA. We a DGS Certified Small Business in the State of California.

Our firm partners with California-based firm SF AppWorks on large scale development projects.

REALPOLITECH has worked with large government agencies including the California State University, the California State Lottery, the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission. REALPOLITECH has also provided services to non-profits across the globe including organizations such as the LINK AMERICAS Foundation and the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation.

REALPOLITECH's work has been featured in The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, CNN, The San Jose Mercury News and The San Francisco Chronicle.

How We Help Our Clients

Website Development: Back-End Development; Front End Development; UI/UX Design; Product Management; Site Maintenance; Mobile Development for iOS and Android.

Content Development: Content Creation for Websites and Campaigns; Copywriting;Lesson Content; Evaluation Rubrics.

Interactive Development: Badge Systems; Gameification; Coordination with education experts and working with existing online education providers.

Customer Support: Two-way customer support mechanisms; Training Models, including on-site and virtual “Train the Trainer” programs; On-the-ground customer support response; Events for technology training, such as “pop up labs”; Design and creation of customer support materials.

Public Relations and Stakeholder Management: User Acquisition; Partnerships; Public Affairs Services; Stakeholder Management; Meeting Facilitation; Graphic Design; Media Management & Placement; Trainings.

Marketing: Design Services; Social Media Marketing; Offline Marketing.

Research: Data Analytics Systems; Reports for Assessment and Evaluation.


We got our start in 2009, bringing a historic inauguration to the digital world.

We're privileged to work with gov't agencies and NGO's pushing boundaries.




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