Bridging the Digital Divide

REALPOLITECH developed JobScout, a web and mobile platform that taught tens of thousands of Californians how to use the Internet.

A Historic Inauguration

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The LINK-live Presidential Inaugural Event connected thousands of Americans on the eve of a new era in American politics.

The Gift of Time

The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation gives families the gift of time by helping out with immediate needs for families dealing with the catastrophic illness of a child. REALPOLITECH helped ASRL create the "Gift of Time" campaign to demonstrate the impact they were having on their 10th anniversary. 

“But among the many media services...a few fresh options stand out.. an organization that promotes a combination of technology and philanthropy.”

"REALPOLITECH developed... a site whose content has a 'grassroots egalitarian kind of vibe.'"

"For a civic-minded take...."


Our Work Has Been Featured In

The New York Times  

The Washington Post


The San Francisco Chronicle

The Miami Herald

The San Jose Mercury News

Toronto Star