REALPOLITECH is a strategic consultancy specializing in digital public relations, grassroots online campaigns, web and mobile development, marketing, content creation, education technology and live web productions.

The team at REALPOLITECH is a mix of strategy consultants, developers, organizers, campaign operatives and communications specialists. REALPOLITECH brings a diverse team well-equipped to handle our fast-paced and dynamic digital age.

REALPOLITECH partners with California-based firm SF AppWorks on large scale development projects. Whether large public sector proposals or non-profit organizations, REALPOLITECH and SF AppWorks (SFAW) have a robust partnership. The partnership has allowed both agencies to provide a wide array of services to support their mutual clients. The respective teams at REALPOLITECH and SFAW bring over twenty years of experience. 

REALPOLITECH has worked with large government agencies including the California State University, the California State Library and the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission. REALPOLITECH has also provided services to non-profits across the globe including organizations such as the LINK AMERICAS Foundation and the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation.

REALPOLITECH's work has been featured in The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, CNN, The San Jose Mercury News and The San Francisco Chronicle.